a person with many zits on his face. They look like a minefield.Also cannot find a dress to suit them so they look for something along the lines of a barrel. This person is normally a guy!
1.Face rarely speaks!
2. Face has jizzed his pants again
3.Faces never rele run except for when there is a bus
by ahha u can guess it November 23, 2005
could mean the same as blowjob son!
ima make dat bustdown to gimme sum face
by AvireX May 04, 2005
A generic interjection used as a greeting or randomly yelled to confuse the uninitiated.

It can also be repeated after any sentence containing the word "face" in its regular context by either the person who uttered the sentence or anyone else involved in the conversation.

There was something on your face...face.
by Dan S. February 12, 2005
a person who uses a lot of cocaine. short for "cokeface"
yo face, pass me a beer
by matt March 22, 2004
The craziest motherfucker to ever walk the earth. He'll bite your balls off and then sautee them with olive oil.
Don't fuck with face. He'll bite your balls off then sautee them with olive oil.
by Urinalcake January 14, 2004
A headbutt directed towards the shoulder area, making contact with the forehead.
You faced my face!

Go face the dog!
by Triple Q (QQQ) October 08, 2003
to smoke weed by yourself
I smoked that gram to my face and now i'm high as hell!
by $teel July 26, 2006

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