Exclamation used by one brian taylor
**pack, pack** (fake tobacco)

by Fakeity Fake-Name February 03, 2005
your face, your face, your mum. Buy a face today
buy toms face if u dont want any friends
by coolboy December 11, 2004
a person
I'm gonna slap you, you face!
by Dave Mongeni October 31, 2003
A steep side of a snow-covered mountain.
Great for snowboarding.
"It was a sunny day so we went and found a sick untouched 'pow' face and set up a photo shoot."
by Diego August 18, 2003
Proper noun: Nickname for the character of Rocky Dennis in the 1980s film "Mask" starring Eric Stoltz at Rocky and Cher as Rusty Dennis, Rocky's mom.

Origins: Rocky's story is that of a teenage boy afflicted by a rare disorder that leads to a gigantic, hideous head, and in Rocky's case, unrelenting optimism and heartwarming realism. His face is ridiculously ugly and made all the funnier by the fact that he enouncters constant adversity as a result of it yet he fails to withdraw into a cave where he probably belongs.

Usage: Those who are familiar with the film find it so unbelievably hilarious that they find themselves often using the word "Face" to refer simply to the character from Mask; the film becomes a renewable resource of humor in conversations with friends.

Can also be used as a reference point for someone's ugliness or quixotic ambition. In the film, Rocky hooks up with a hot blind chick, but her family eventually sees him and prevents the two from keeping in touch. Hence, "Face" can be used to inform someone that their romantic ambitions are naive and likely to fail.

In the second person, "Face" is almost always used as a sarcastic form of criticism.
Fraternity Pledgemaster: "I think Pledge Jones' proposed pledge name of 'Guernica' will be too obscure for some. Instead, because of his unfortunate appearance, he will be called 'Pledge Face.'"

Tim: "Dude, she's really cool. I really like hanging out with her."
Jeff: "Alright, Face..."

Bob: "That hat really helps her face. It's like when Face wears his Dodger's cap and everyone didn't know whether to laugh or scream."
by Dr. Octagon December 19, 2007
(n) In professional wrestling, a "good" guy.

Batistia Turned face after powerbombing Triple H through the table on Monday Night Raw.

by Travis Rashawn Ford September 16, 2006
A term used bya heterosexual male used to describe another heterosexual male who is attractive, dresses well, presents themself well, or who clearly would be physically desirable to females. Commonly used by fraternity men to describe a new recruit or pledge who now has potential based on his percieved ability to attract females. Usage does not make or imply that the user is gay, rather that they acknowldge another man's attractiveness.
"Man, that guy is face."
"That rush guest is face"
"We need more face guys in the house"
by Frat Daddy February 04, 2006

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