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The area between your nose and your upper lip. 'Taint your nose and 'taint your lip!
His mustache is so bushy it completely hides his face taint!
by Ron Greenberg October 22, 2007
The polar opposite of your taint...the area between your upper lip and your nose.
mustache hair separates at this point... (facetaint).
I split my face taint on my friends fist.
When one smells a fine cigar you swipe the cigar across your face taint...
by Majongen July 07, 2008
That area of your face between your top lip and your nose.
It taint quite your nose and taint quite yours lip.
He kicked me right in the Face Taint.
by Joel and Cherrie December 29, 2011
The area between the two orifices of your mouth--between your nose and your mouth.
I shaved my face taint yesterday, my moustache was starting to look scraggly.
by MyChemicalSweatpants July 29, 2010
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