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The mouth when it pertains to oral sex.
She had her face pussy wide open on that gentlemans club billboard.
by Titorock September 03, 2007
The face of a man or a man's friend that has been so traumatized that one cannot distinguish between it and a bleeding pussy.
Joseph fell very hard on on his face and now he has a face pussy.
by sureshsharmz May 22, 2011
Like a chingina, which is a goatee that resembles female pubic hair, but even more reminiscent of a vagina. Often includes long, unkempt curly pubes.
Kevin: Look, Luke's got a chingina!
Mike: Shit, that's more of a face pussy.
by Mike-1983 July 18, 2008
A man's beard which is grown to extreme lengths and is unkempt in nature. Due to lack of proper beard maintenance, it develops an odor similar to a womans unwashed vaginal area.
You need to shave your face pussy, it's making the whole church smell!
by Poopship Destroyer July 16, 2009
The act of enjoying a well deserved meal; Eating heartily
Last night I had some awesome facepussy
by Mattress0991 March 06, 2009

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