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A beard, goatee or handlebar mustache
Guy 1: Hey dude, what happened to your facepants?
Guy 2: My girlfriend doesn't like facial hair, so I shaved them off
#beard #mustache #goatee #facial hair #face pants #face-pants
by DBDWallStreet March 25, 2010
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for whenever you skip shaving and don't want anyone to know! its like when you forget to shave your legs and just wear pants, but now you can do it to your face -- with face pants! Pants for your face!
Man, I don't have time to shave this morning. Thank goodness that I bought those Face Pants, now no one will know!
#pants #beard #stubble #face-pants #facepants
by Didymus90 April 11, 2010
Imagine yourself with pants on.

Now, put your head up your ass. That is what we think of you.
That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, face-pants.
#face-pants #pants face #face pants #idiot #moron #douche
by February 04, 2008
1. An undefined region of the genitals. A place where on wishes to touch or get to
2. An exclamation of happiness
1. "Ohhh, I want to touch her in the facepants"
2. That's good right in the facepants
by Chud9 February 12, 2005
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