Burp that smells. Usually results from eating rich food and/or drinking beer.
Man, after that pizza I had some nasty face farts.
by Paul August 23, 2004
Top Definition
Slapping a bare arse cheek either side of someones face and letting rip. The victim is usually pretty pissed but also disorientated to give tou time to get away. The perfect crime.
Jeff didn't have a clue what him after Moose delivered him a face fart.
by Lone Ranger 101 June 09, 2005
when a man/woman farts into the face of a man/woman for sexual or humiliation reasons.
i think i will facefart him in the bathroom.

i facefarted her in bed last night.
by randomcanadianeh March 02, 2009
Another word for belching or burping.
I drank so much soda; now I have the face farts.
by Vivian Darkbloom 2012 March 09, 2014
A belch that has a reached stink, almost the smell of an anal fart. Usually occurs at bars when eating chicken wings and guzzling beer.
Matt belched at the bar when Joe replied "Gross! Face Fart! Go see a doctor, that isn't natural."
by das ungeheuer January 10, 2009
When one makes an unintentional posting error on Facebook. Derived from FACEbook + brainFART.
Man, I had a serious Facefart today--while posting to my gf's wall about how to properly execute a dirty sanchez, I accidentially posted to Mom's!
by Rob Bastard May 31, 2011

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