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Similar to face blindness, but for those who don't actually have the disease but just suck at recognising faces alone.
Danii Conker Okonkwo dude I go to your school
9 minutes ago · Like
Charlie Jimi Everett Loooool
9 minutes ago · Like
Jacob Bartlett i don't know everyone in my school, i barely know everyone in my year, allow.
7 minutes ago · Like · 1 person
Jacob Bartlett when you grow up the same thing will happen to you; and youll remember this and facepalm.
3 minutes ago · Like
Danii Conker Okonkwo wth. How can you not know eveyone in your year! I know everyone in my year
2 minutes ago · Like
Jacob Bartlett barely ≠ don't
and allow the face blondeness
by Jables1234 October 13, 2010
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