A group of five no good hoodlums, who enjoy getting krunked, beasting, and partying! The members of the Fab 5 include:

Mike Ngo - The King of Mag
Kyle Kicks - The Prince of Mag
Pat Mitchell - The Champ
Tim Nguyen - The Beast
Shayne Trudell - TKO
"Fab 5 - Get Krunked! Stay Krunked! WHOO!"
by King Mag of the Fabulous 5 December 07, 2004
Top Definition
80s band Duran Duran was popularly referred to as the 'Fab 5,' though today the term is commonly applied to American reality show phenomenon Queer Eye For the Straight Guy and it's five gay cast members whose goal it is to turn the homeliest straight guys into the most fabulous of metros.
Carson, Kyan, Ted, Thom and Jai make it a point to clean up the messes of their hetero-assignments and provide good, quality American entertainment all within the same hour.
by Jackie Deram May 22, 2005
One of the crews from the mid-seventies golden age of NYC grafitti.
The Fabulous 5 tagged the IRT.
by goyische shitheel March 18, 2006
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