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Abbreviation for "Fuck You Up" Not used too often.
xboxnerd22: hey chief wat r u doing?

Master_chief96: nm just got off from work y?

xboxnerd22: get online in halo so i can fyu again.

by Frostbite249 September 02, 2008
1. A swear word. means fuck you or fuck off(pronounced like few). orginates from the combination of fuck and you.

2. A verb meaning to fuck.

3. A verb meaning to be screwed.
FYU Bitch! I'm not in the mood for your shit!

What you looking at you fat ugly bastard! FYU!

We fyued each other until we both passed out in a sweat!

Why is it that your boss is always trying to FYU you at raise time?

She was filmed shoplifting at the store. She's fyued!
by Shock Jock December 01, 2005
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