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Fuck Yo Shit

If it's not your job than you say FYS
girl: can i borrow your car very fast?? just need to go down the block pick up the groceries.
guy: FYS

girl2: can you watch my little cousin just for a minute?
guy2: FYS
by pbsyp October 08, 2007
Abbreviation of "Fuck you sayin", which is a shortened version of the rhetorical question "What the fuck is you saying?" Similar to FOH and FYM, this is a way to tell a person that you dont give two fucks about what they're saying to you rite now.
Me: The PS3 has Metal Gear. Playstation >>>>> Xbox

You: Yeah thats true. Except I have both systems, and Xbox has Halo, so FYS!!
by TheBx41 September 21, 2012
Fuck Your Self
When you are talking to someone or texting:
Person: I kissed your boyfriend, I am sorry.
You: oh you FYS
by TheGirlWithTheRedLips February 27, 2016
fuck your soul.
*Two people are in a fight*

Kyle: Wait I'm sorry .

Sofia : No . fys . You cheated on me .
by thisspanishgirl September 16, 2013
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