1. An acronym for "First Year Seminar." A class designed for college freshmen to discuss the body and the mind through literature and art and taught by various teachers.

2. An acronym for "Fuck YourSelf"

3. The most pointless class in the history of all mankind in which you will either be asked to question the viability of the desk you are sitting in's existence, watch American folk music, look at pictures of a man's head sculpted in frozen blood, or do physics problems.

4. A sum total of 37.5 hours of your life that you will never get back.
College student 1: Dude, I have another paper to write for FYS, I hate it.

College student 2: Eww.
by Annoyed Student November 12, 2006
Top Definition
Fuck Yo Shit

If it's not your job than you say FYS
girl: can i borrow your car very fast?? just need to go down the block pick up the groceries.
guy: FYS

girl2: can you watch my little cousin just for a minute?
guy2: FYS
by pbsyp October 08, 2007
Fuck Your Self
go fys the hell outa here
by misty_mtl November 30, 2009
Abbreviation of "Fuck you sayin", which is a shortened version of the rhetorical question "What the fuck is you saying?" Similar to FOH and FYM, this is a way to tell a person that you dont give two fucks about what they're saying to you rite now.
Me: The PS3 has Metal Gear. Playstation >>>>> Xbox

You: Yeah thats true. Except I have both systems, and Xbox has Halo, so FYS!!
by TheBx41 September 21, 2012
fuck your soul.
*Two people are in a fight*

Kyle: Wait I'm sorry .

Sofia : No . fys . You cheated on me .
by thisspanishgirl September 16, 2013
(Fuck Yo' Shit) Perfectly accepted phrase to tell someone that doesn't satisfy your needs.
Manny: yo' son this bitch did give me some pussy tonight!
Carlos: so what did you tell her?
Manny: i told that bitch, F.Y.S.!


Freaky: Two for five purple tops
Weezy: How about three for three?
by King Castro October 10, 2007
A shortened version of fuck yous.
I hate parents, fy's.
by maaaaaaaaaate August 15, 2011
Fuck you soon
I will be FYS!
by hidlu421 May 11, 2010

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