Short for Fuck you mean. A slang term used by the blank community, meaning what the fuck did you think.
Sarah: I love you John. Do you love me?
John: I don't love you, FYM shorty you're just a hoe.
#fym #fuck #you #mean #what #did #think
by PurpeNurple February 28, 2010
Top Definition
Fuck you mean

Used as disapproval of something ridiculous
FYM you don't give head, bitch?
#fuck #bitch #head #fym #ridiculous
by BriannaCollins00 August 04, 2011
Free Your Mind

Can be used to calm someone who may not realize they are getting riled.

Promotes thinking outside the box.
Somebody is getting all bent about some issue, and instead of arguing with them, type:


IF they think it means F**k You MF'r - then their mind is clearly not freed.
#acronym #free #your #mind #argument #response
by colihondro June 07, 2007
short for fuck you mean (short for what the fuck do you mean)

fym is used to show extreme shock or disgust in someone else's statement and used in 2 ways: as a question and as a statement.
True shit, I fucked yo bitch.

Fym you fucked my bitch?

I fucked her fym!
#fym #fuck do you mean #what bitch #repeat #fuck you
by himdude August 18, 2011
"fuck yall muthafuckaz" as seen in the movie "fear of a black hat"
by kofein October 16, 2003
"Fuck you mean"
John :"Can i have some of your food ?"
John "Fym no"
via giphy
by redpeanuts January 27, 2016
Fuck You Money: having enough money to say "fuck you" to your employer and quit.
I'm trying to amass my FYM so I can be the 1%.
#fym #fuck #you #money #i quit
by konrness December 21, 2011
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