An acronym for Freak Yachting Incident

(A freak misadventure taking place on or around a yacht.)

"Dude, did you hear about that FYI near that place tuther day - no-one died but it was a damn close one!"

"Why yes, I did! It was frightfully worrying, I often yacht around there myself! What ho!"
by Zoeena & Jamesy September 01, 2008
Fuck Your Igloo.

Used by young eskimo teenagers who are trying to break away from the traditional eskimo culture.
Mom: You need to go ice fishing with your father!
Eskimo Teen: FYI, MOM
Mom: What?
Eskimo Teen: FUCK YOUR IGLOO goes off to listen to fiddy cent and wear tennis shoes
Fun Young Independent
Kid: theres a party on later can i go
Mum: NO
Kid: Fuck you! im fyi!
by SpazzeeMagee November 29, 2007
Acronym for Fuck You, Idiot.
Mr. Johnson sent me to the principal, so I told him "FYI," and I left.
by bigtones January 20, 2005
when somwone is getting on your nerves and you want to insult the person wihtout been rude you say FYI.
fuck you idiot
by Cici March 10, 2004
FYI (n) (short for fine young intellect): A very bright, gifted young individual who excels in almost every subject he or she is studying; esp. a fast learner.
Julie was not just a very diligent student. She was a fine young intellect, capable of identifying a species' call by hearing only a mere fraction of a second of it.
by Boggler March 17, 2004
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