Stands for Fat Women Addiction. This type of illness is an entirely psycological disorder which is vicious and relentless in its attack on the human psyche. Symptons include the continous need to pursue and copulate with Fat women. Although this illness can condem the victim to a life of misery 70% of cases are treatable and in rare circumstances cureable. Only one registered F.W.A clinic exists although many underground surgeries exist around the world (treatment on the black market by non registered F.W.A clinics is highly dangerous with some patients not only nearly dying but also moving on to the next stage of F.W.A, F.T.A. This stands for Fat Troll Addiction and in 100% of cases will lead to irreversable brain damage and eventually death)The F.W.A clinic based in Ipswich, England produces a handy leaflet which lists means of preventing a bout of F.W.A in potential victims. The most successful of these is avoiding all alcoholic substances and avoiding local weight watcher habitats.
Doctor: "Take one pill twice a day and avoid all alcoholic consumption and hopefull your F.W.A will clear up in no time"
Patient: "Thank god"
by pillga February 02, 2005
used when pissed off, and swearing just doesnt cut it
i just broke my moms favorite coffee mug... fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
by Matt Moran November 17, 2003
yelled when you're extremely jacked or fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i hate this job!Fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
by matt November 17, 2003
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