to make or compose
the offspring of a grasshopper
a groovy dance move
Fut me a sandwich, please.
The fut was in danger of the predator.
I did the fut last night.
by Jesus Poseidon February 03, 2011
F.U.T. aka Fucked Up Toe; usually used when someone's second toe on the foot is longer than the first one.
- Hey homie, did you bang that mami from 104 str. last night?
- Nah son, she had a fut n all dat....
by kempa October 08, 2008
a large pouch of fat that rests underneath the waistline of ones pants.
"dude, did you see that woman's fut?"
"you mean the one in those jorts?"
"yeah, it was huge!"
by peterrr December 11, 2006
Title given to particularly persistent and obnoxious kooks on usenet, particularly brad. First used on sci.psychology.psychotherapy and alt.usenet.kooks regarding bj, who had won numerous kook awards.
Only a fut like brad would have over 970 suckpuppets.
by Card XII December 29, 2004
Fucked Up Teeth, One who has either really crooked teeth, or Rot on their teeth and its looks nasty as fuck and they have breath that smells like a dead corpse, or both. LOL
"Yo, man, that mother fucker has some FUT up in his mouth! Did you see that shit??"
by Taylor S... January 29, 2009
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