Fuck U Think- A rhetorical question when someone asks a seemingly obvious question. Commonly used in text messages, emails, chats, or even audibly in dialogue (Each letter pronounced individually).
Dude 1: Hey, did the Browns lose today?
Dude 2: F.U.T
by so.drewish November 03, 2010
the term F.U.T comes from the german/american language in 1886. Great highlanders described this when they were climbing mountains and their lips were chattering so much that you could only hear F.U.T
F.U.T is computerslang Like when you text someone instead of writing fuchk you too you write FUT
by Dwrek June 14, 2008
used as an abbreviation of Fuck u tom. Also can be used with any other name as long as you change the last letter at the end. For example Fuck you chef can be said much easier as F.U.C.
Tom: "suck it!"
You: "F.U.T."
by f.u.t. December 10, 2009
In Romania ,we use this word to describe the sexual act.When I say: 'O fut pe ma-ta',that means 'I'LL FUCK YO MOMMA'
Sa te fut cu pula mea de cioara.


Let me fuck you with my nigga dick.
by Lyonz July 28, 2004
Follicular Unit Transplantation

A type of hair transplant.
My hair transplant was performed using follicular unit transplantation or FUT.
by bmpc March 05, 2010
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