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Furb means retarded but cute and fuzzy at the same time, yet the Furb Slap is a specially designed slap that is a secret kept among the FFF, The Frub Frab Flan. this word is used as a alternative to the word Fuck.
"He is Furbing Gay" (adj)
"What a stupid Furb" (Noun)
"She Furb-Slapped me!" (Noun)
by Albert Jiang, Jennifer Lure April 21, 2005
The hair around the anus, buttcrack and taint.

A shortened and interchanged variation on "butt fur".
That g-string couldn't hold back all that furb.
by afoaf October 31, 2007
"Fucking Ugly Retarted Bitch"
Theresa is such a Furb!
by *Sasha* July 02, 2003
Fucking Ugly Retarded Bitch
Desire and Amanda are both such furbs. I hate them.
by itza secret August 10, 2003
fat ugly repulsive bastard
my ex is a right furb (lisa)
by bubsey September 18, 2005