Furb means retarded but cute and fuzzy at the same time, yet the Furb Slap is a specially designed slap that is a secret kept among the FFF, The Frub Frab Flan. this word is used as a alternative to the word Fuck.
"He is Furbing Gay" (adj)
"What a stupid Furb" (Noun)
"She Furb-Slapped me!" (Noun)
by Albert Jiang, Jennifer Lure April 21, 2005
The hair around the anus, buttcrack and taint.

A shortened and interchanged variation on "butt fur".
That g-string couldn't hold back all that furb.
by afoaf October 31, 2007
Fucking Ugly Retarded Bitch
Desire and Amanda are both such furbs. I hate them.
by itza secret August 10, 2003
Abbreviation for Fuck ur bitch. Means you're getting mad game.
Yo, John I'm on my way to FURB. Yeah I'm gonna fuck your butch.
by Bud --zz August 23, 2016
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