Also F.U.R.

1. A Fundamentally Unhealthy Relationship. Usually one in which you were embroiled in so deeply that you either couldn't or didn't want to escape from until it was too late. Can involve loss of money, dignity, friends, limbs, internal organs, etc.

2. The person with whom you are currently or were formerly involved in a Fundamentally Unhealthy Relationship.
I was at a party when my FUR walked in and started making out with my boss. My 80 year old boss.
by SirVelvetKnight August 25, 2009
Fur can be a replacement for the word "fuck". Fur is derived from the nickname of Jennifer P. it later became a common usage for the word "fuck" when the phrase "What the Fur?" became popular usage in the GCBC Youth Group in Roanoke, VA.
Holy Mother of Fur! What the Fur are you doing here??! You're supposed to be mowing the Furring lawn!
by Reed Braden December 18, 2004
1. Hair that grows on an aminal. Yes, I said aminal.

2. The noun form of furry. Meaning someone interested in anthro art/furry art, or wants to be an animal. Or something.
1. Bears get leaves and shit in their fur when they hibernate.

2. That fur got beat up yesterday for walking around with a cat-ear headband and a robotic tail.
by enjuneer November 08, 2003
a band that has a really bad singer that cant sing for the life of him and they try to have fans but people only clap at the end because they feel bad for the 3 retards that make up FUR, god!
GOD FUR SUCKS ASS, why are they on stage?
by Suck it Trebec April 29, 2005
An exclamtion similar to "oh!"; a greeting; an expression of consent or delight; or, an angry curse.
"I want to Fur Rogie."
by claire Fur August 13, 2006
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