If you look at a fat chick you will notice how her fat gathers right ontop of her pussy. therefore that area is called a FUPA or a Fat Upper Pussy Area.
damn look at that bitches FUPA!!

that fat cunts FUPA is out of control!

Im getting liposuction on my FUPA next week.
by steve scullin yo August 09, 2006
Fat Upper Pussy Area. That large fat role that hangs down over ones genitials.
That lady has one nasty fupa.
by Katie February 28, 2005
Fat Upper Penis Area
Rich hasn't seen his dick in years, it's covered by his monsterous FUPA
by sam September 24, 2003
a womens fat upper pussy area
Yo did you guys see the FUPA on that girl.
by Patty Black ASS August 28, 2007
Fat upper pussy area. Happens when girls eat to much and it goes straight to their cooch, it looks like a big pouch of fat on their crotch.
Martina has a saggy fupa.
by I love fupas April 14, 2006
When a chicks stomach sticks out over her pants
"Damn that chick has a nasty fupa"
by Melanie March 23, 2003
Fat Upper Pelvic Area.
Possibly the worst place that a woman can have fat.
FUPA Observer 1: "Check out the mean FUPA on dat skank-ass hoe."
FUPA Observer 2: "I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole, unless I was clobbering her over the head with it."
by diego September 11, 2003

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