A pack of belly fat that can only be contained with a sweet pair of--> MOM JEANS

Mom Jeans: Those jeans that your mom loves that come up to past her belly button. Featured on SNL. Most come with lovely pleats in the front, come in "tapered at the ankle" and "xtra tapered at the ankle"
Your Mom Jeans sure do make your Fupa look better, except for the fact that it pushed it up so now your Fupa's sitting underneath your boobs. Too bad.
by Bwheeler May 18, 2006
1. Fem: Fatty Upper Pussy Area
2. Masc: Fatty Upper Penial Area
3. Furry Upper P/P Area
1. Oh my god, How does she wipe her a** with all that FUPA?
2. How can he perform with all the FUPA in the way?
3. Need a weed wacker for all that Fupa.
by Jessica M May 05, 2006
A Fupa is usually found on a relativley thin girl. Fupa stands for fat upper pussy area. A fupa is the pot belly that is found above the genital area or lower stomach. It might look like the girl is a few months pregnant. It is best seen from the side view.
I thought that girl was skinny until she turned to the side and I saw her fupa!
by Stephanie Ling April 05, 2006
Full Upper Pussy Area. It's not quite the pubic mound and it's not quite the belly either...it's a little bit in between. If you're fat, it's where your genitalia goes to die.
"That bitch has got a massive fupa!"

"True that. That, is the Meatiest Womb I have ever seen!"

"Yeah...she's a little gunty."
by Daddy Fatslacks March 17, 2006
Mike Collin's"Jelly's" sister, Who is currently pregnant.
Jelly's sister has a fupa.
by anonomous March 20, 2005
An acronym that stands for Fat Upper Pussy Area. The low hanging gut that sits down around the groin of an obese woman. These women are usually seen wearing "stretchy pants". A FUPA is AKA a GUNT.
The obese woman's fupa must be moved up out of the way to have sex.
by zaxxon99 September 17, 2009
fat upper (pussy or penius) area. Fat above the genitals and below the belly button
dude look at the FUPA on that bitch
by kurt surover April 15, 2009

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