F- fat
U- upper
P- pussy or penis
A- area
My ex boyfriend ate to many cheeseburgers and gained a FUPA, so I had to dump him.
by Jessica Anne September 01, 2007
Acronym meaning; Fat Upper Pussy Area

Used to describe a woman with a large gut that droops in to her jeans or trousers - creating the illusion of a second gut in her pants. Hence - FUPA.

'Most English birds have sweaty FUPA's - that is a fact!'

by Martin Griffin June 12, 2007
A super secret society that celebrates unfortuate fat hoes whom are afflicted with a monsterous FUPA. A FUPA meaning "Fat Upper Pussy Area." There is only one true supersaturated FUPA to exist, and is thus the whorshiped god of the Brothers of the FUPA.
DAMN! That bitchs a fatter FUPA then ms hanley.
by the only brother May 20, 2007
Fat Upper Pouch Area- Area located on the female anatomy. Between crouch and abdomen. Also known as a (pouch).
Wow! That chick has a fat azz! Yeah, but she has a FUPA to match.
by lbuju December 08, 2005
gut roll on a woman, aka the double bubble, mini ass in front
tim c. has a big fat FUPA on him.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
The upper pussy area of a large figured woman.
Kim and Becky sure have a fupa! It might eat you if you go down there.
by meangirls April 17, 2007
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