Fat Upper Pussy Area.

A large fatty deposit (sometimes divided in the form of a large cameltoe) between the belly button and genital area of the larger lady.
"Hey bru, pass the nutella"
"No way Ursula, if that Fupa gets any bigger, it'll be off the scale!"
"But Stephane thinks I look udderly fantastic!"

"Hey bru, how are you?"
"I'm Fupa, thanks for asking!"
by Kate Hainsworth July 05, 2009
Fat Upper Pussy Area. In reference to when a female's "upper vagina area" is fatter than her "croach" region.
That girl has a big fupa.
by Bandolero65 June 01, 2009
Fatty Upper Pussy Area-like when you have a substitute teacher with pants pulled up so high that the zipper's right under her boobs; Well It's that lump or pouch that sits comfortably right under that and right above her vag. looks best on middle aged women with short haircuts and penny loafers.
those tight pants made a FUPA that was bigger that a baby.
Are you impregnated or is that just your incredibly large FUPA?
by Ava Khetler May 31, 2008
Acronym for Fat Upper Pussy Area, relating the the vaginal lips, that on some females, may be misshapen. pronounced;(foo-puh)
When he saw her misshapen camel-toe, he thought of the word FUPA
by Jamee Crockett March 21, 2008
stands for Fat Upper Pussy Area. No matter what you have heard about the FUPA, all that it is, is where there is no defineable pussy area, no lips, clit, or anything recogniseable, all it is, is a a bunch of fat where a pussy should be, and then a slit in the skin. that is a FUPA; a slit in the fat where the pussy is. Then you gotta feel all around for the hole somewhere within the slit between all the fat. Pretty nasty.
Will: "so you fucked her lastnight? how was it?"
Steve: "it wasn't that great, ill be honest with you man, she had a FUPA too. so, yeah, it was pretty fucking gross."
by THE METAL February 13, 2008
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