Fat upper Pussy Area
More specifically under the pants region, On a women who pulls up her pants so high there is a pouch under her pants between the belt and the crouch.
My teachers FUPA is so big, I can't help but stare.
by esteban May 24, 2003
The spare tire that women hold in their front lower belly region. Usually aquired by age 50. Pop belly fussy!
Look at that ladies alley umpa fupa? She's sportin pop belly fuss. A.K.A. fupa
by Jose Hound April 25, 2010
Fat Upper Pussy Area
Did you see the size of that girl's Fupa?
by random333 January 23, 2010
Fat Upper Pussy Area. The area directly above the beav. but below the gut. Usually common on ho's of increased age. AKA "FrontButt"
Man, did you see the FUPA on that chick at the DMV.
by granola1861 March 22, 2006
(Fat Upper Pussey Area) A large roll of fat under the waist line that is usually found on nasty old women. Extremely nasty!
My Grandma has a huge ass fupa!
by BRADY SAMSAM June 05, 2005
Fat Upper Pussy Area.

The area just above the vaginal region and just below the belly that is an accumulation of all the unused sexuality awaiting to be released once a woman hits the age of about 60-70.
Grandma, will you bounce me on your FUPA and sing me a tune?
by Urban Dictionary October 15, 2004
Fat Upper Pussy area. sometimes used as fat upper penis area.
Dennis: yo holms that chicks hot
Billy: no way man to much FUPA
by Jens table August 04, 2004

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