"I was gunna mow this box, but the fupa is blocking my view"
"Look at the FUPA Wedgie that chicks got"

"You might wanna bring your umbrella with you, i heard its supposed to rain FUPA"
by Heavypork September 15, 2005
The area directly above the female genetalia, as described when there is excess fat, visible to the naked eye. "Fat Upper Pussy Area"
"Not a fan of the FUPA"--Bobby Nappi
Fat upper pussy/penis area
Man, have you ever seen a FUPA that size????
by a devoted fupa lover July 23, 2004
The Fat Upper Pussy Area, the flab above a womens pussy lookin like a
Gayle has such a big fupa we all call her the #1 Fupapotamus.
Doreen was sitting down and could not close her legs, so we all said Fupa to the LEFT!
(The FUPA provides the male with a under the but nut hut...)
by Carrie Booth February 21, 2004
Fat Upper Pussy Area
fochanka same thing
by kenny December 22, 2003
fat upper pussy area
Matt Sloyballs has a FUPA because his pussy smells like skunky hippopotomous.
by Jonas August 27, 2003
aka. the backwards ass
by chiznuttz August 06, 2003

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