independent excessive stomach obesity, FUPAs are in a class of their own. Most common in post-pregnancy women, a FUPA is characterized as fatness stored in the area between the genetalia and the belly button. Also characterized by incessant sweat marks left on clothing and the dank smell that only a true FUPA can have.
"Her FUPA was so big, she has to walk around it."
"Yeah, have you seen Mrs. Dodge? Shes the one who always wears the FUPA skirts"
"You mamas FUPA so big they call her Queen FUPA"
by Biohazard February 20, 2005
Fatty Upper Pooch Area
Chubby girls are self-conscience about the "fupa" and so the average male will not go down on her.
by spokane original October 02, 2003
Where a womens's gut is stationed. Usually right above the vagina.
by Anonymous January 21, 2003
Fat Upper Pussy Area
I need to get in shape and lose my fupa
by Sher3411 July 05, 2010
When a obese individual tucks their belly fat under their belt, resulting in visibility through the pants
good god that lady's sweaty fupa is hypnotizing.

by Edward Dignan April 05, 2008

A.K.A. Kangaroo Pouch

This the fat above the pelvic area but below the the waist or belt line.

Most commonly associated with obese burnt out High School Teachers.
That teacher isn't fat but for some reason she has a fupa.
by TheRiot!!! May 26, 2007
Fat Upper Pussy Area
She is hot, but she has some serious FUPA
by Jason W August 13, 2003
(noun) an acronym for "Fat Upper Pooch
Area" Some women have a good body, but an excess amount of fat between their pussy and belly button. Gross indeed.
I was talking to this hot chick, then I noticed she had a FUPA. Talk about a dick shrinker!
by 420hitter February 21, 2003

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