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independent excessive stomach obesity, FUPAs are in a class of their own. Most common in post-pregnancy women, a FUPA is characterized as fatness stored in the area between the genetalia and the belly button. Also characterized by incessant sweat marks left on clothing and the dank smell that only a true FUPA can have.
"Her FUPA was so big, she has to walk around it."
"Yeah, have you seen Mrs. Dodge? Shes the one who always wears the FUPA skirts"
"You mamas FUPA so big they call her Queen FUPA"
by Biohazard February 20, 2005
"Fat upper pussy area";
The bloated, and often pimply area of the womans gut just below the belt line and above the vagina.
"Damn girl, you got enough fupa for three bitches!"
by Sand Man April 17, 2004
Fatty Upper Pooch Area
Chubby girls are self-conscience about the "fupa" and so the average male will not go down on her.
by spokane original October 02, 2003
Fat Upper Pussy Area
I need to get in shape and lose my fupa
by Sher3411 July 05, 2010
Front Butt, a very large frontal abdominal area looking like a buttock in the front of a person
Damn that girl has a huge fupa, I can't tell if she is comming or going!
by Turbovixen6 February 03, 2010
Is an acronym that stands for "Fat Upper Pussy Area" Which describes a larger than life beer gut. Usually on a girl who thinks she's hotter than she is wearing low rise jeans, And her gut rolls out in front of her. F.U.P.A.!!!
Did you see that FUPA! It was bigger than her Tit's!
by cavin5555 January 16, 2010

or someone who has a really big upper vagina
woah dude look at that bitches FUPA!
by lovedumblond October 10, 2008
a flesh fanny pack of fat
"Did that girl you went home with last night have a FUPA?"
"Yeah, I slapped the shit out of it."
by FUPAreporter April 20, 2008