independent excessive stomach obesity, FUPAs are in a class of their own. Most common in post-pregnancy women, a FUPA is characterized as fatness stored in the area between the genetalia and the belly button. Also characterized by incessant sweat marks left on clothing and the dank smell that only a true FUPA can have.
"Her FUPA was so big, she has to walk around it."
"Yeah, have you seen Mrs. Dodge? Shes the one who always wears the FUPA skirts"
"You mamas FUPA so big they call her Queen FUPA"
by Biohazard February 20, 2005
F.U.P.A. = Fat Upper Puss Area, its also known as a christmas package, its the section where your pubic hair is mostly at and when its fat its like a tire wrapped around your waste.
Youve gotta lift up her FUPA before you can bang her.
by calrock May 01, 2007
An Acronym for Fat Upper Pussy Area.
Bobby: Yeah Meguchi! You got a F.U.P.A. after thankgiving!
Meguchi: Yeah, it's because I ate a lot.
by Bobby and Meguchi and Kim November 27, 2007
when a lady has a large fat pouch above her vagina
Fat Upper Pussy Area
by mother fuckin jason June 25, 2004
Acronym for Fat Upper Pussy Area. Refers to Excess fat or skin in the area below the abdomen but above the crotch.
Jane had a baby a year ago and is having trouble losing her FUPA.


Did you see her FUPA? It was like a friggin' apron!
by Nappaz October 14, 2006
Fat Upper Pussy Area (The area between a chicks stomach and pussy. Long live the FUPA!!!
What were you thinking bro...that chick had a FUPA!!!

by Boosty September 15, 2005
The fat above or on a woman's vaginal area.
Our counselor has a triple fupa, which means alot of fat in the vaginal area.
by Tyler Zaharia May 04, 2004

fat chicks who tend to wear there pants high have "fupas"
"Damn check out the fupa on that whale.."
by Carlos the Bus Driver December 29, 2005

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