independent excessive stomach obesity, FUPAs are in a class of their own. Most common in post-pregnancy women, a FUPA is characterized as fatness stored in the area between the genetalia and the belly button. Also characterized by incessant sweat marks left on clothing and the dank smell that only a true FUPA can have.
"Her FUPA was so big, she has to walk around it."
"Yeah, have you seen Mrs. Dodge? Shes the one who always wears the FUPA skirts"
"You mamas FUPA so big they call her Queen FUPA"
by Biohazard February 20, 2005
Noun. <Foo-Pah> Fat Ugh-bove Pussy Area or Fatty Upper Pussy Area.

Whichever you prefer:)
"Damnnnn...look at that girl. She gots herself a big stomach."
"Nahhh, brahh. That be her F.U.P.A."
by jamie_babie24 August 12, 2009
fat upper pussy area also know as a phanny pack
me:did you see that fat bitches phanny pack

friend:dude that was not a phanny pack that my friend was a fupa
by mr.dude1989 May 12, 2009
Fat Upper Pussy/Penis Area. It's the region of fat that a female/male gets from lack of diet and excercise. Most commonly caused from excessive drinking. The fat deposit is usually limited to the region of the body directly above the pussy and/or penis.
That chick was hot, but she had a serious fupa!!!
by Shortbus Clothing March 04, 2008
An acronym for "Fat Upper Pussy Area." It is from the same derivation as fopa.
My ninth grade history teacher's fupa was bulging in her pants, making me wary that it would burst out.
by gingersnap May 09, 2007
Fat Upper Pussy Area
Dam that bitch has an enormous FUPA
by Mattjlars April 03, 2006
Fat Upper Pussy Area
that bitche's fupa was fucking huge dude
by t bonez September 08, 2009
Fat Upper Pussy Area (used for a FAT woman)
when a fat woman has her stomach looking thing covering over her pussy known as the FUPA!!!
by Adis M. September 02, 2008

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