independent excessive stomach obesity, FUPAs are in a class of their own. Most common in post-pregnancy women, a FUPA is characterized as fatness stored in the area between the genetalia and the belly button. Also characterized by incessant sweat marks left on clothing and the dank smell that only a true FUPA can have.
"Her FUPA was so big, she has to walk around it."
"Yeah, have you seen Mrs. Dodge? Shes the one who always wears the FUPA skirts"
"You mamas FUPA so big they call her Queen FUPA"
by Biohazard February 20, 2005
a pussy lumppp
fat upper pussy area
native to jennas
jenna, jenna works her fupa,
the fupa is native to jennas
by n@wturaverageFupPa December 14, 2010
Noun: Fat Upper Pussy Area.
The area between the belly button and pussy that fat chicks think they can hide under a strategically placed belt.
Look at the chicks f.u.p.a! (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!)
by Braiden Callaway July 07, 2006
A protusion of subcutaneous fat below the umbilicus and above the pubic area, often seen peeking out between ones pants and the bottom of a short shirt. It is an acronym for Fat Upper Pussy Area, although the term can be used to describe members of either gender.
Cindy's friend: "I wouldn't eat that donut Cindy, you should have your finger for dessert instead"
Cindy: "What? Why?"
Cindy's friend: "Look at that fu-pa. It must get cold hanging out of your shirt all day"
by dichron April 30, 2007
Fat Ugly Pussy Area
Mrs mornahan has a huge fupa
by hladf April 07, 2003
Initialism for Fat Upper Pussy Area. The swollen, generally unnatractive region above an overweight females genital territory.
"Good luck navigating the FUPA on her"
by Graeme Graham February 14, 2007
fat ass, scared of girls, scared of anything that has to do with working out, loves sweating over himself while masterbating. little or no cock at all, wants to be like his friends but fails miserably at it. basically fails at everything
ey david darnell, is that you?" yes, im a fupa
by david darnell February 01, 2011
someone who does a maple syrup, they usually have blonde hair and have a very fat fupa
someone who does a maple syrup, they usually have blonde hair and a fupa thats full of supernoodles
by charliefupalover April 17, 2010

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