The short form of "fuck up". Can also be used in a plural form: "Fups" or in the past tense "Fupped".

Can also be understood as "screwed up".
With all the fups in my life, I don't know how I can still be standing here.

I fupped on my math test.

I am such a fup.
by sleepinghorror August 15, 2011
Fup: the word used to describe mean old people.
"Hey who peed the bed man?" "Sorry, it was my fup next to you."

"Dang Jessica, your such a fup!"

"Dude, your mom's uglier than a fup."
by Chris and Jessica July 24, 2011
Fat upper pussie The flab below the belly and above the pussie. The spare tire on a fat girl
I had lift her fup up to find here hairy gash.
by Brush Oaky May 17, 2007
(noun) Indian Army slang for a situation that is a total mess, derived from "fuckup"
"Sir, we don't want to be in Iraq in any capacity at all-it's a big FUP."
by Williewanka September 11, 2006
"fat upper pussy" that unsightly unidentifyable gigantic second camel toe on fat women
dude that fup is disgusting
by baller October 27, 2003
A fat upper pussy usualluy caused by obseity pr prolonged pregenency the word was discovered by a genius named stephen bergstrom
1.damn that bitch gotta fup
2.thas a big fup
by stephen bergstrom May 03, 2006
An exclamation; short for "Fuck Up", which is short for "Shut The Fuck Up". Used mostly by Mick and Frog of Anti-AOL fame.
"f up, you kid touching dolt."
by Scott LeDouche October 14, 2003
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