Fat Upper Pussy-The fat part of the lower belly that hangs over a chick's pussy.
I had to push up that chick's FUP before I could even see her pussy.
by woobiegirl December 22, 2007
It is an acronym for Fat Upper Pussy. Fups occur when a woman's mid-sections protudes from her stomach down into her vulva area.
I could sqeeze by that lady, her fup was in the way.
by csonka March 24, 2007
Fat Upper Pussy, denotes the large roll of flesh directly above the vaginal opening on a large woman.
I didn't even have to work for the big "O". the Fup did all the moving for me!
by Ian March 16, 2005
slang for fucked up
Person 1: dang i got an F on that pop quiz on stuff we haven't even learned yet.
Person 2: man that's fup, just fup'd
by random anonymous person February 11, 2009
Term describing the area above the waistline of a rather portly female. (Front Upper Pussy) Also known as a gunt. The fup usually protrudes past the established waist/belly line.
Man I though that chick was hot, then she turned to the side and I seen her fup.

***Credit to Brad Schmitt for coining this term in the summer of 2002.
by drumn4state August 23, 2008
to hit another with the sleeves of a borrowed sweatshirt.
You'll get fupped if you don't fup first, especially if you live in Fuping, China.
by The Biggest Fupper April 14, 2009
Fat Ugly Pig also Fucking Ugly Pig

1) Someone who has been cursed with both a lack of good looks as well as being over weight.

2) Someone who is so hideously ugly that looking at them makes your eyes hurt.
"Beulah Balbricker" from Porkys and the "Momma" from Throw Momma From the Train are 2 famous people/movie characters who were FUPs.

I wanted to poke my eyes out with a sharp and hot object after seeing that FUP wearing a tiny bikini at the beach.
by Darclyte July 20, 2006

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