a ciggereite
yo pass me dat fug or when u need a fug you say fug break
by keith June 28, 2004
just like the "F" word (if you dont know what the "F" word is your a fuggin fugger)
1 man your fug(ged) up homes.
2 you fug(ing) fug(er).
3 HEY!, ill fug you unless you fuggin fug that fuggin fug hoe.
4 ya damn fughole
by Jack Mehoff November 03, 2004
The way klintz hugs girls.
short for fucking hugs.
A hug with a little more. *wink*
/me fugs (insert girls nick here).
by klintz.com October 09, 2004
a wordleet speak word, alternate to fu**. Used in anger when something bad happens but with less anger than fu**.
Man i just got camp n00bed by the n00b cannon(para) when i was reloading.
by Vinnie Hohmann September 07, 2003
an acronym for Fat, Ugly, and/or Gay
Quit being FUG dude, you are pissing me off!
by ujustwait84 September 13, 2003
A sly way of referring to bitches you dont like
Girl, did you see what the fug is wearing tonight? (meanwhile the fug in question is standing right next to wearing k-mart jeans and a puzzled expression)
by shimmerinb May 17, 2005
Fug is a word that has been used for generations, it is one of the most widely unused words in the language. It is commonly known as the same thing as fuck
Fug you, you motha fugga
by Alex December 21, 2004

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