A mix between a hug and having sex at the same time
I ran up to my girl and gave her a long big hard fug
by Nick 9320 March 22, 2007
An abreviation that means Fucking Ugly Ginger. This word can be used quite descretely and works well. As red headed people are known to be firey and short/bad tempered expect the FUG to retaliate
Guy1:See that guy Paul...he is such a FUG!
Guy2:Yeah I know, I'm sure his parents regret that drunken night.
FUG: Hey guys whats going on?
by Niall-Robo April 16, 2008
any non-descript subsance. often distasteful to look at or smell. it can also be used as a replacement for the word fuck when small children/people of athority are presant. has absolutly nothing to do with the word fugly
"hmmm what is that fug smell"

"eww i woke up after that party with some random fug in my hair!"

"oh FUG!"
by Emilie_is_kewl December 27, 2007
Short for fucking hug. More commonly used as a 'goodbye' hug between good friends.
"give me a fug, dude"
by save a cow, eat a vegetarian October 15, 2007
A slang word for F***. This word is less offencive and can be used in more public areas. Also it can replace words such as shit and damn in certain situations.
Fug!!!!!!! That nail going through my foot really hurt.

by Fliggs September 19, 2007
a hug that is sexual in addition to its affectinate nature and leads to fucking of sorts. For example, leading to hikkies, kissing, or dry humping.
Hiya Claudia cat. How are you doing tonight *fugs*.

There there Renae, Cleetus will make everything aaaaallright. *fugs*
by blashyrk September 03, 2007
A noun describing the warm, sometimes moist, insulating air that builds up in confined areas. For example, in a shower room, under a duvet, in a tent, under a jumper.
"When you leave the tent make sure to shut the flap quickly so as not to let the fug out!"
by Sarahj April 11, 2007

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