a loose cigarette
people sell loose fugs for &.50
by bigldd44 May 14, 2009
a hug so sexual, it's almost a fuck.
oh my, look at Yvette and Janna fugging!
This is almost more of a fug than a hug....
by Janna Soprana January 22, 2009
to loll around indoors in a somewhat stuffy atmosphere
We did nothing but fug all weekend
by playahplays November 14, 2010
a cigarette coming from the european word for cigarettes fag. nowdays if you say u got a fag you'll be thought as gay but if you say you got a fug it is different.
hey you got a fug yo?
you like ports? its all i got.
a fug is a fug.
by esskay 420 April 02, 2008
It means fuck, used in chatboxes or webboards (BBS) where "fuck" is censored.
I wanna fug Suwimol in my Honda. = I want to fuck Suwimol in my Honda (car).
by kkrit ilovewasa November 12, 2006
A mix of fucking and hugging.
-"hey, you wanna go fug?"
-"Be there in ten"
by Fuck3r December 06, 2010
fat ugly gunt
that woman is ugly and has a gunt, she's a big fug.
by babycakesreenie March 15, 2009

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