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A canadian slang for fuck. Usually referring to a girl.
Sam you so fugging ugly
Kyra go fug yourself
Maria you're such a fugger
Maddie you're fugged
by sexyfuggers November 19, 2011
A cigarette.
Yo man i needa go down to the gas station an pick up another pack of fugs.
by xsmokemeximdopex July 10, 2009
Acronym for Fat Ugly Goat (or Fat Ugly Girl). A General insult, usually used against females, that can also somehow be used as a replacement for the word "fuck" in the phrase "fuck you" (althought the mechanics of it dont quite work) Also can be used to replace "bitch"
Boy 1: Dude, that girl jus kicked me because i said she had a fat ass.

Boy 2: Whatever, she's a F.U.G anyway.

by dat93virgo April 06, 2009
a fake hug
can also pertain to awkward hugs
or more typically those in car hugs that cannot be classified as real hugs. they therefore are fake--"fugs"
The boy tried to give the girl a hug in the car but it was more like a fug so she made him get out of the car.
by lizbrez February 16, 2009
A Fucking Ugly Girl
On a scale of 1-10, a zero.
see also warpig
That chick is so hairy she got a full-fledged mustache, what a FUG.
by Spit Blood April 16, 2003
(n) synonym for fucks
- "man fugs this, im goin to get my d sucked"

- "i fugs wit it mayne"
by drum669 January 31, 2012
A hug given by a ferret.
I could really use a fug right now..
by SuperEboy May 17, 2011