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A homosexual whom acts like a gangster or "Thug"... A Gay Thug...
That homo is a fug...
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
The term was developed in the past year (2005) by a bunch of Canadian students on an Ottawa trip.

It is often used to describe "muging" of shoes while the subject is distracted. Originates from the word Mug - which relates to robbing, whether at gunpoint or not. The "M" was replaced with an "F" to stand for foot, or feet.
It is also often used to replace the F word in many cases, and can be used as cover up when around older people.
"Oh my god she got Fugged!"
"Man he was fugged good!"
"Fugging piece of crap!"
"Why the fug did you do that?"
by Chuck L May 14, 2005
Short for fucking Idiot.
Dave accidentally ate a piece of shit! What a fug!
by logan December 21, 2003
God's gift to the world.
Oh my Fug!

Fug damnit!!
by Jesus January 17, 2005
A mispronunciation of fuck, usually when the fuck is said halfheartedly and trails off near the end of the fuck
Yo that crazy bitch is on the phone again

Ah, fug her. I want some pizza
by Fatass December 23, 2004