A mispronunciation of fuck, usually when the fuck is said halfheartedly and trails off near the end of the fuck
Yo that crazy bitch is on the phone again

Ah, fug her. I want some pizza
by Fatass December 23, 2004
A mix of fucking and hugging.
-"hey, you wanna go fug?"
-"Be there in ten"
by Fuck3r December 06, 2010
fat ugly gunt
that woman is ugly and has a gunt, she's a big fug.
by babycakesreenie March 15, 2009
Fuckin' ugly girl. These girls usually travel in packs (birds of a feather). Since they are ugly and insecure, they can't help but take their aggressions out on pretty women; usually shooting attractive women dirty looks and laughinmg behind their backs.
She was such a FUG, I think I swallowed some vomit just looking at her.
by william janes May 10, 2007
Fug- is used in multiple purposes. It is a term commonly used by high class people about people with lower class. It can also be used to describe people who are very jealous. Also to be a fug it means that you are incredibly stupid, and should grow a brain. This word should only be used to people who deserve it
Francesco, Dan, and Isaiah are all big fugs because they dislike the 'Super Six'.

Dan is a big fug, for speaking to low class people like Goerge.

by S-6 January 31, 2008
Loose cigarette (usually a Newport)
"Yo, lemme get a fug"
by Steve3 May 24, 2005
A member of the 1960's ESP/Reprise band, the Fugs.
A dance created by the aforementioned band.
Tuli, Ed, and Ken are fugs.
Baby, let's fug.
by Lo Beedle January 26, 2004
Fucking Ugly Ginger
Any ginger that is fucking ugly - FUG
by SteveyBarebap March 03, 2009

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