A mispronunciation of fuck, usually when the fuck is said halfheartedly and trails off near the end of the fuck
Yo that crazy bitch is on the phone again

Ah, fug her. I want some pizza
by Fatass December 23, 2004
A type of person who is a nature thug, or one with the nature in a very cool way. This is demonstrated through the way that they include plant matter in their everyday outfits.
"Whoa, we are such fugs."
"I know right, we are so fuggy."
by SpicyCat February 11, 2015
A cigarette.
Yo man i needa go down to the gas station an pick up another pack of fugs.
by xsmokemeximdopex July 10, 2009
a fake hug
can also pertain to awkward hugs
or more typically those in car hugs that cannot be classified as real hugs. they therefore are fake--"fugs"
The boy tried to give the girl a hug in the car but it was more like a fug so she made him get out of the car.
by lizbrez February 16, 2009
The meaning of the word FUG is a fake ass thug. The word Fug was inspired by niggaz from the south, or should I say "da souf!" Fug is used to describe people like Rick Ross, 40 Glocc, or Tyga
Nigga #1 "Ey man, I heard that fat nigga Rozay is a fug."

Nigga #2 "Oh word? I always be catchin that nigga frontin."

Nigga #1 "Yeeaa, we should rob that fuck nigga....namsayin???"

Nigga #2 "Hell yea nigga I'm down wit it. A real nigga gotta eat. Real talk"
by RozayTittayz July 19, 2014
A canadian slang for fuck. Usually referring to a girl.
Sam you so fugging ugly
Kyra go fug yourself
Maria you're such a fugger
Maddie you're fugged
by sexyfuggers November 19, 2011
Acronym for Fat Ugly Goat (or Fat Ugly Girl). A General insult, usually used against females, that can also somehow be used as a replacement for the word "fuck" in the phrase "fuck you" (althought the mechanics of it dont quite work) Also can be used to replace "bitch"
Boy 1: Dude, that girl jus kicked me because i said she had a fat ass.

Boy 2: Whatever, she's a F.U.G anyway.

by dat93virgo April 06, 2009
A Fucking Ugly Girl
On a scale of 1-10, a zero.
see also warpig
That chick is so hairy she got a full-fledged mustache, what a FUG.
by Spit Blood April 16, 2003

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