The general nastiness found inside one's anus, particularly if they are a little less than clean. Generally used together with the sexual activity of licking or eating out one's anus.
"Girl, I'm gonna lick the fud out yo ass!"

"yo man, that fud be some nasty stuff."
by Imnotsam February 08, 2005
fat upper dick. when a guy has a pudgy area above his donnie. It would be fup for a girl which stands for fat upper pussy. get it? got it? good
that dude's got mad fud.
by dmfm May 27, 2005
Drunken bastard from Amishville IN. Lives inside a giant TV. Hates Ferrari. Adept at nailing wood together and not much else.
Fud got it Indianus.
by pulsating_walleye April 26, 2005
fat upper dick on a guy, on woman known as a gunt.
his fud was so big that he couldnt see his own penis
by april smith August 18, 2003
Acronym for "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt." Originally created to refer to smear campaigns used by IBM against competing products to maintain market share -- "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM." Often used to refer to a marketing campaign centered around the use of scare tactics or ad hominem attacks towards one's competitors.
"The SCO case versus Linux is FUD, plain and simple."
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
FUD is an acronym for "Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt" and is commonly used in the cryptocurrency community as a short way to describe negative information about a blockchain based currency or asset.
Stop spreading FUD about Bitcoin.
by goodcore May 15, 2016
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