the word "fucked" and "up" combined.
when you're with mormons and you get/wanna get fucked up.

either fucked up by drugs or fucked up like if you got your ass kicked or you ate shit skating or something
brandon: dude i was skating and i tried to ollie and i got fud.
billy: that fuckin' sucks dude!
by froie February 28, 2007
Used to say "Fuck You Dick" without others knowing.
You know what, FUD, asshole!
by DCack August 27, 2006
"fucking useless drivel"
"Did you learn anything at that presentation this afternoon?"
"Nope, just more FUD from the marketing department, as usual"
by nobody March 12, 2005
Someone who is accident prone and Fucks Up Daily...
"Did you really stick your knob in the blender 'cause johnny said it'd be cool.....FUD !"
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
To mean a Fat Ugly Dyke
Come here you FUD!!!!!
by Joey February 15, 2005
The general nastiness found inside one's anus, particularly if they are a little less than clean. Generally used together with the sexual activity of licking or eating out one's anus.
"Girl, I'm gonna lick the fud out yo ass!"

"yo man, that fud be some nasty stuff."
by Imnotsam February 08, 2005
fat upper dick. when a guy has a pudgy area above his donnie. It would be fup for a girl which stands for fat upper pussy. get it? got it? good
that dude's got mad fud.
by dmfm May 27, 2005

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