Fucked Up Deal
We tried to go to the party, but never got there because we couldn't find Robby and the girls never showed. It was a FUD.
by jlyons December 09, 2008
Popularized by LOLcats, ROFLcats, etc., the term "fud" is used to refer to FOOD.
Some fud has toy inside, my toy has fud inside.
by HilaryAbbie April 12, 2008
Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
There was a lot of FUD around the result.
by neonhest September 16, 2006
- Fat/Ugly/Dyke
- defined by but not limited to: butch dyke hair cut wearin,emo goth rockin,more carl than carly lookin ass carpet muncher
"Carly, you are a f.u.d. master."
" I can't belive she cheated on you with a f.u.d."
by B_rizzle March 28, 2006
an incorrect spelling of the word 'food'
in the cartoon the sign read: 'cat fud'
by ssalta October 29, 2011
1.) Another way of saying food.
2.) F you De
1.) I want some fud.
2.) What the crap, why did you do that De, F you De!!!
by Jace Lynne May 17, 2011
Short for: Fucking Useless Dick
You are a FUD!
by tamerton May 12, 2011
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