"Fud" is not only another word for pussy, but also a verb that can be used for a woman instead of "masturbate" - then it goes with oneself (myself, herself,...)- as is the by now famous line by Kate Winslet in Extras serial (see below):
And then go straight in hard, like "Get 'round here 'cause I'm fudding myself stupid and I'm bloody loving it." Right.
by Moucha October 03, 2007
pussy..the growler...a Scottish term for the place we all came from.
note: thier is another one scots use and it gets confused with the all-standard 'naff' gays use as codeword for straight people . NAFF is short for 'not available for fucking', so the use of the word is a deragotory one for any thing that's shitty or... 'naff'. But , no. The case is not so. The word naff is scots for pussy (nayuf), and you can use it and fud to randomly refer to any annoying person or a total twatter!. peace.
ahh..her fud was so tasty, i went down on her for a whole hour !..ahhh..that fud!
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005
Derogetry word for the female genitailia. An insult. Also: fud-licker, fud flaps.
"Fuck that fud-lickin' bitch!"
by andy March 14, 2003
an incorrect spelling of the word 'food'
in the cartoon the sign read: 'cat fud'
by ssalta October 29, 2011
1.) Another way of saying food.
2.) F you De
1.) I want some fud.
2.) What the crap, why did you do that De, F you De!!!
by Jace Lynne May 17, 2011
Short for: Fucking Useless Dick
You are a FUD!
by tamerton May 12, 2011
I do not want to talk to a fud. There is a generation gap between him and me.
by uttam maharjan August 23, 2010

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