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Fud is best known as God's younger, slightly more inept nephew.

Contrary to popular belief, he is actually the man who created the mighty Waffle.

Other rumors state he is a scholar, ghetto philosopher, three time Nobel Peace Prize winner, the first black man to pilot an aircraft, the nigga that made up the Nike Swoosh, and the man that made Kool-Aid say "Oooh Yeeah!"

While there are rumors about Fud, proven facts about Fud include his epic fight with the Incredible Hulk and Captain Crunch that split Pangea into the continents we know today, as well as the time he got smoked out by Snoop Dogg and laid down some phat rhymez. While the tapes exist, their whereabouts have never been discovered.

Fud is very popular among members of AMN, two in particular, to whom he is very important folklore
Fud once headbutted three small children through a wall simply to test his might. The verdict: His might was mighty. And the children died.
by PMS & PP November 27, 2005
Derogetry word for the female genitailia. An insult. Also: fud-licker, fud flaps.
"Fuck that fud-lickin' bitch!"
by andy March 14, 2003
an incorrect spelling of the word 'food'
in the cartoon the sign read: 'cat fud'
by ssalta October 29, 2011
1.) Another way of saying food.
2.) F you De
1.) I want some fud.
2.) What the crap, why did you do that De, F you De!!!
by Jace Lynne May 17, 2011
Short for: Fucking Useless Dick
You are a FUD!
by tamerton May 12, 2011
I do not want to talk to a fud. There is a generation gap between him and me.
by uttam maharjan August 23, 2010
acronym for fucked up dick. commonly used to describe mess ups in blowjobs while driving
girl 1: i gave john a blowjob while he was driving to thanksgiving dinner.
girl 2: oh how did it go
girl 1: good except i gave him a fud when we hit that really big pothole on west street
girl 2: oh shit does he still talk to you
girl 1: yeah sort of i think he forgave me

girl 2: girl they will never forgive a fud
by my name is a secret sh July 27, 2010