The acronym for Female Urination Device. These are items that aid a woman in peeing while standing, eliminating the need to expose the lower half of the body in order to urinate as well as the 'spash back' factor. They are especially useful while camping, performing outdoor sports, in nasty public restrooms, and on road trips.
I had to pee so bad, I was lucky I brought my FUD along on the road trip, or everyone on the freeway would have seen my backside!
by jaX October 28, 2014
Food, edible materials, drinks. Typically internet slang
brb 15 getting fuds
make me some fuds, woman!
by peegee August 30, 2007
Fear, uncertainty and doubt.
The Epicurean way offers such refreshment in the face of extremism, division, and as my father would put it: "fud” (fear, uncertainty and doubt).
by The Autarkist December 20, 2014
Fud is best known as God's younger, slightly more inept nephew.

Contrary to popular belief, he is actually the man who created the mighty Waffle.

Other rumors state he is a scholar, ghetto philosopher, three time Nobel Peace Prize winner, the first black man to pilot an aircraft, the nigga that made up the Nike Swoosh, and the man that made Kool-Aid say "Oooh Yeeah!"

While there are rumors about Fud, proven facts about Fud include his epic fight with the Incredible Hulk and Captain Crunch that split Pangea into the continents we know today, as well as the time he got smoked out by Snoop Dogg and laid down some phat rhymez. While the tapes exist, their whereabouts have never been discovered.

Fud is very popular among members of AMN, two in particular, to whom he is very important folklore
Fud once headbutted three small children through a wall simply to test his might. The verdict: His might was mighty. And the children died.
by PMS & PP November 27, 2005
An obscene reply or statement to someone meaning Fuck U Dude. More popular in mobile application messaging, but has become more prominent in chat & messaging area's of the internet.
FUD I don't care what you think!. Whatever FUD.
by TheSlangExpertoftheWorld September 25, 2013
"Fud" is not only another word for pussy, but also a verb that can be used for a woman instead of "masturbate" - then it goes with oneself (myself, herself,...)- as is the by now famous line by Kate Winslet in Extras serial (see below):
And then go straight in hard, like "Get 'round here 'cause I'm fudding myself stupid and I'm bloody loving it." Right.
by Moucha October 03, 2007
An insult - idiot, fool with no brains in Scottish, popularised on BBC One's "Offside" TV show.
Lorenzo Amoruso, what a fud!
by fud November 03, 2003
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