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FUCKNUB Noun \fək-nəb\

1. Like a FUCKSTICK, only waaaaaay shorter.
2. Someone with a stubby persona.
3. Someone who can't throw a baseball.
4. Someone who hands out dried fruit to Trick-Or-Treaters on Halloween
5. An idiot, a doofus, a moron
6. First cousin to a fucknob

Adjective: fucknubish
My neighbor: "Wow! That was really "fucknubish" of those parents in the white house down the street to hand out dried fruit for Halloween."

Jack to his sister Jill: "Who's that FUCKNUB you're dating?"
by JQ63 November 01, 2010
Word used to describe the lowest of low in any situation mainly in gaming, used primarily by cAB as a description of people that don't understand his code language.
You see bro, we give everything code names and fucknubs have no idea what we are talking about.
by cAB0o0se October 03, 2007