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Big frikin' losers who look foreign.
Jomy, Shirjeel, Raymond Lee and That weird white kid you hang out with, I call him "Tweak".
by Jomy\'s Stalkee August 07, 2003
a stupid guy!! All guys are fuckheads!!
Omg fuckhead is such a cocky bastard!
by jessiebismybestfriend! March 17, 2003
what billgates and all his fuckheaded friends are(a guy who got his head fucked by a enormus bitch)
billgates is a fuckhead
by joe john February 10, 2003
A guy who uses women.
Nicholas Ryan Schmitt is a fuckhead.
by jesse "fox" August 01, 2005
Kind of like having bedhead but fuckhead occurs after having mad sex.
"I can't answer the door, I have fuckhead!"
by Ashley April 26, 2005