1)Someone who's head is appropriate for fucking.
2)Marcia McCabe
Percival, you've been boonswaggled by that whore and her fuckhead boss for the last time. Cut his head off--granny needs a new dildo.
by Donald Duck May 01, 2003
Big frikin' losers who look foreign.
Jomy, Shirjeel, Raymond Lee and That weird white kid you hang out with, I call him "Tweak".
by Jomy\'s Stalkee August 07, 2003
what billgates and all his fuckheaded friends are(a guy who got his head fucked by a enormus bitch)
billgates is a fuckhead
by joe john February 10, 2003
Kind of like having bedhead but fuckhead occurs after having mad sex.
"I can't answer the door, I have fuckhead!"
by Ashley April 26, 2005
A person with an iQ on 2, and their head is so fucked, that when they try to argue or troll they do it so badly, but they think they are so damn amazing at trolling you, when in reality, they are just stupid little fuckheads who doesn't know shit so they just come up with worse things to say even though, they suck dick. They aren't even worth your time, so don't try to argue. just tell them to piss off, and block them, and they'll feel so great about themselves, even though the things they said didn't make any sense/ or were just really fucking bad. so they lost.

(a person who doesn't know what they are doing, while trolling or trying to roast you but fail really badly.)

(this is just my opinion on what a fuckhead is.)
Wow, you're such a fuckhead, I'm laughing my ass off...
Your grammar is so bad. you're trying to roast me, but you're a fuckhead, lol
Fuckheads shouldn't even TRY to roast me.
by kittocatty March 09, 2016
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