Short for "Fuck University," a fictional university where uber-snooty, holier-than-thou, "I am so much better than you and don't you ever forget it" types are said to graduate from.

When used, it also gives said snobs a "fuck you" message.
Snob: Could you keep your garage door closed? Your Honda is depreciating the market value of our neighborhood.

Dude: Whoa! You must have earned your master's from Fuck U!
by Man Machine August 09, 2007
The act of causing a fucking ruckus (fuk-us)
The bitch caused a FUCKUS in Staples before I shot her in her vag with a potatoe gun.
by jeff April 25, 2005
The act of having sex while for the purpose of clearing your mind so you can focus in order to study, write of get work done.
#1 "How was your weekend? Did you get that paper done?"

#2 "Yeah, I finished it on Sunday. I couldn't write all week so I had to fuckus!" "Got it done!"

"I need to fuckus this weekend so I can get started on that big project"
by jeaw1 December 06, 2009
yes fuck mee...
yeah rite their!!!!!!!!
fuck u!-chinc/asin who i just gave a smack in the face to
yess fuck mee-ovbvously
by slothy vagggie December 16, 2005
The state of mind when intense focus has been replaced with sexually charged hallucinations; sexual psychosis
Her eyes were fixed on a bar graph when it began to take a phallic shape, that's when she new the fuckus had set in.
by essjay5 October 15, 2015
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