Anyone who has read Kevin Hearne's Hammered of the Iron Druid Chronicles knows that fuckpuddle is a proper term for the douche bag Thor, as well as what it is called when you walk in on Frost Giants having loud squelchy sex.
Man, that douche is such a fuckpuddle.

We walked in on what could only be described as a monstrous fuckpuddle. ("Graah slap-slap-slap, Graah)
#douche #caught #thor #urban #fantasy #frost #giant #frost giant #iron #druid #kevin hearne
by Siodhachan July 25, 2011
Top Definition
The "wet spot" on the sheets after sex.It becomes a fuck puddle when its on YOUR side of the bed.
I came back from the bathroom and laid right square in the fuck puddle.
#fuck stain #wet spot #love gravy #cold cum #lake o jism
by biker mike` June 29, 2006
When a male cums and it leaves a puddle.
Girl: Cody why did you leave a fuck puddle on my bed?

Cody: I didn't want to cum in you and get you preggo.
#preggo #cum #jeez #spooge #skeet #nut
by Battle #1 December 02, 2009
Its fun to be in it when you feel like it, but when u don't want it its annoying as fuck an a bother
Nigga quit being a fuck puddle
#fuck boy #fuck #puddle #thot #thirst trap #gutter boys
by fuck puddle December 05, 2014
A loose woman. Her favorite thing to do is fuck and she is similar to a puddle because:
a) She's shallow.
b) She's dirty.
c) She's always wet.
d) Careless people step right on top of her while those with sense avoid her as to not be soiled.
That bitch has already been with three different guys this weekend - what a fuckpuddle.
#whore #slut #skank #cockmongerer #tramp
by OISOISOIS May 29, 2009
When it is more than a "wet spot". Who gets to sleep in that?
Kristie and "the guy" left quite a fuckpuddle and even the cat wasn't absorbent enough to soak that up.
#wet #spot #sex #mess #juice
by dbag3 July 12, 2010
1.) In Political Debate, an Idiot. It came to me when Debating an especially Irritating Liberal on a message board.

2.) The mess left after vaginal sex.
1.)Are you Ignorant, or simply Dishonest about the Election, fuckpuddle?

2.)Don't forget a towel, I don't want to leave a fuckpuddle on this pool table.
by tha malcontent March 29, 2005
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