Fat Urbans Buy Us
LOOK That Fat Urban
by Bootylicious December 05, 2003
(Melbourne Australia Shaolin context)
wannabe black tryhard kids on the streets of down under. Usually from middle class upbringings. It's not the fact that they wear FUBU, but rather the manner in which they wear it.
let's go beat up that FUBU
by Mikey C-izzle July 16, 2003
fagets united buying underware
u are a big ass fubu
by 305 cuban pimp October 13, 2006
it stands for for us by us dumass
Black person in 1992: Damn son, i went ta tha store tha other day and all tha jeans were tight as hell.
Another Black person in 1992: Yeah, let's create some clothes that actually look good.
by Unstoppable November 19, 2004
A guy who admires and wishes to become of African origin. In lamens' terms: A wannabe black guy.
That white fucker is a FUBU.
by Balano May 03, 2003
a clothing company founded by Daymond Jones. acronym stands for For Us By Us
damn that nigga over there lookin' good w/ his FUBU on
by Christina February 25, 2005
1. Five Urban Brothers United (original meaning)
2. For Us By Us (cause all them wiggers bought it to act they black)
3. Fucc U Bloods/Busta's Up (used by crips to diss bloods/busta's/slobs)
4. Farmers Used to Beat/Buy Us (and other crap is made up by them bitchass motherfuckers who can't stand the fact some people decided to make some shit that actually looks good and is made by blacks 'stead of whites)
situation 1:
guy: Why you got a hole in your fubu shirt?
black guy (with hole in shirt): I saw some wigger wearin' it 'n shot his ass up one time in the head 'n one time in the chest.

situation 2:
white bitch: whaha you got a farmers used to buy us shirt.
<clack clack>
black dude: whaha you got 2 holes in your shirt

situation 3:
slob: SHIT !!! them nigga's is c walkin 'n wearin blue fubu shirts, i betta run
crip: Man you stupid sayin that loud <clack clack>
by c'z up b'z down December 21, 2006

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