when i was growing up in the seventies, we used that word like fubar, to mean "fucked up beyond use". makes me laugh everytime I see some mindless label whore sporting it.
"that car is fubu, man, just junk it"
by schnoggi July 11, 2005
means fuck buddy or someone you can fuck
that chick is my fubu, can you be my fubu
by daddy mac September 26, 2006
FUCK U BITCH and the U is silent.

Person 1: You cut me off!
Person 2: FUBU! FUBU!
by FLDB September 07, 2008
Brand of clothing that gangstas used to wear. Some still do, but nowadays, Asians are wearing it (Not necessarily gangsta-wannabes; just Asians in general).
Hey man, did you see that Chi'ang kid wearin' FUBU?
by wcgold December 22, 2004
fucked up beyond understanding.

Variation of fubar.
"They want how much for their clothing? Man, that's fubu!"
by Cryptcl Envlpmt September 01, 2005
hip hop clothing for wiggers
that dude's fake, he's wearing fubu.
by bob April 09, 2007
A short term for F*cking Bum.
''You're such a fubu!''
by me12345 August 02, 2005

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