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Fat Ugly Black And Uncomfortable!
Madea: Whats that you got on Brown?
Cora: It looks like FUBU. What does that stand for?
Brown: For Us By Us!
Madea: No it satands for Fat Ugly Black and Uncomfortable!
by Kendreezie September 24, 2007
A brand of clothing whose name is an abbreviation of the term For Us By Us, meaning the brand was started by black people and its target market is specifically black people.
I worked at a movie theater in Oregon from 1998 to 2000. A co-worker of mine used to live in the San Francisco area, and one time when he was at a party, he saw a black guy with a Fubu shirt that had a hole in the front of it. He asked the guy "What happened to your shirt?" and the black guy answered, completely straight-faced, "A white guy was wearing it. I shot him and took the shirt." A cookie of wisdom for any white people trying to be black -- don't wear Fubu in big cities.
by Ryan Thompson January 04, 2004
Fuck-buddy. A sexual partner in which your relationships are less intimate than a boyfriend or girlfriend/marriage. This is different from a person whom you have a one night stand with.
I stole Jessica's Fubu, so she had me undergo sex-change whilst I was sleeping.
by Jugom August 17, 2009
to be fucked up beyond understanding
these drugs are so heavy I am FUBU
by MasterSofTrancE February 12, 2006
FUBU is an acronym for "Fucked Up Beyond Understanding"
You've been FUBU
by bobbugol July 06, 2009
For Us By Us
FUBU is a clothing line aimed to be sold at African Americans because it stands for For Us by Us
foo-boo1.Short for the term "fuck-buddy".
In alliance with the term "Friends with Benefits". 2. Any two outrageously horny persons whom have no feelings for one another, just strong attractions to the use of the other's genitalia for personal favors.
1.Chad and Tracy are total FUBU's, check them out!

2.Man I wish I had a FUBU!

3.Dude, you're FUBU is hottt!!!
by miemiemiemie July 31, 2011